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Posted On November 28, 2007

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Oh how sad! This is the last post guyyys!!!!

But before I write what I thought about the blog project I want to write something about my year!

The year is ending so the third grade too..At first in the beggining I swore to myself the only thing I wanted most was the end!I didn’t want to see anybody anymore because I was so sick of the same people, the same routine and the classes didn’t help too, they were so boring and exaustive that I hated to go to school every morning…After all, I have been studying at Arqui since I was four in the Jardim I, so one time you really fed up with the school and the people that you see every day,every year!

But in the middle of the year you get more apprehensive because you know this is the last everything!But you don’t get yet that you won’t see most of people and neither how you will miss the school so much and the old routine.

So I got here…my classes finished, Porto has gone, Fuvest has gone…And I’m only waiting my graduation and my prom…This is really sad and all the desire of something new disappeared!I don’t need to go to university….I just want to be with the same old people,in the same old school, with the same boring classes!!!

But I know I have to go through all this stuff…And I will survive!So I hoped!But I’m terrified!I don’t know what life is without Arqui because in my whole life I just knew what is live there..And this scares me a lot!

At least I just know one thing! I will miss a lot!The school, my friends, the teachers, the classes and even the people who I don’t like!!!

Every single day there worthed and I will remember with affection!

It was the best time in my life and I will carry things that I learned there for all my life!


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