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Posted On November 28, 2007

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I will be completely honest!At first I wasn’t so cheerful about the blog idea!Even when was a mania to have a blog I didn’t have one.I think write about your life in the net it’s superficial and write every day what you did really sucks.Besides I was enthusiastic about the theatre project!It would be so funny!

But when I start to write in the blog I see that isn’t so bad!Actually it was a good idea!At first because you don’t have to write boring compositions to improve your writting and then because you learn a lot!You have to reach a lot of words that you don’t know how to write in English or even how to write those and this increases your English!

I really love this idea!It is a funny way to learn English and you can match your real life with what you are learning in the classes!And of course you know better your classmates and the teacher can help you more often!

I really suggest this project for others years!It was a really good experience and it should have in other future semesters at Alumni!

Thanks guys for all!I will really miss you!And Gabi we must meet each other in Disney!Let’s arrange this ok?

Good holidays for everybody!Happy Christmans and Happy New Year!!!



(p.s: the last post is mine too!!! because I tried to put my name but isn’t work)


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