Reflections about the blog project…

Posted On November 16, 2007

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I think this project was very great and I loved Cory’s idea to link internet and alumni stuff. I learned so many things I didn’t know before because of some of my posts and my friends’ post. I started to know Carol, Nicole, Pedro, Jessica and Camila better because of their posts. And I was able to write better with the free posts and without any pressure that for me was fantastic! I think this blog thing should continue because it’s a cool way to train our writting every  week because every week we needed to post something, sometimes it was related to the subject we were learning and other times the posts were related to trips, dreams and other stuff that made our “imagination free to fly”.At least I’d like to congratulate all the classes and teachers that were part of this experience!Great work guys!!

By Gabi


2 Responses to “Reflections about the blog project…”

  1. cheesecake2

    hahahahaha, soooooo agressive !
    ok, ok, don’t worry, i’ll consider adding you in my VERY exclusive msn list 😉
    see ya gabi !

  2. cheesecake2

    ha ! i added you to my msn list ! it’s a miracle ! :]

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