Feng Shui success story

Posted On November 13, 2007

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I was reading some interesting sites about feng shui but most of them only say what it is or how you can use it in your life.But I can’t write what feng shui is and Gabi have already written how you can use it so I didn’t know what to write.Fortunately, I found an american site which has a lot of articles about feng shui and I decided to talk about a succesful story about a couple  who used it in their lives.

Feng Shui is an alternative method so I think most of people still view the practice skeptically .So you need to see real stories which comprove those methods to believe.

Margit used to read a book about Feng Shui and she even tried to use the methods introduced by the book but then one day her husband,Peter, found a website and enrolled for her to attend to one Niagra Falls Feng Shui seminar in November 1998.Then she went to another one in 1’999.

Since then Margit family started to use Feng Shui in Lake Obabika Lodge, a family business which provides chalets for vacationists.Firstly, according to the Feng Shui tips the front door has double 7 supported by the lake and distant the mountains, the office is in the NE with 5-9 and the entrance office is in  the East with 9-5.Finally, they opened a door  to the office within the double 7 section to tap in the good energy form the facing palace.

After these changes, Peter said at the moment the new entrance was in use the telephone number never stopped and the entire summer was fully booked.

Despite the work, they use Feng Shui in their house too.Their young daughter who sleep-walks after they aplied this alternative method cures in her bedroom she stopped sleep-walking and Peter who has sleeping problems after the changes sleeps very well.

Of course they are not billionare, but Feng Shui really changed their lives for better.

So….Are you convinced now by the Feng Shui??

I’ll take this chance, and change all my bedroom =)

For more information: http://www.astro-fengshui.com/fengshui/success1.html

By Carol


2 Responses to “Feng Shui success story”

  1. rcrispino

    i was amazed by the success story you posted, and now i feel even more convinced that feng shui really works. i would consider having a feng shui practitioner advise me on the arrangement of my home furniture and color schemes. are you honestly going to give it a shot too?

  2. rcrispino

    cool stuff!i guess there are a lot of feng shui no-no´s at my place too. i for one have a TV set in my bedroom, but i was thinking about getting rid of it- not because of feng shui, but because it makes me lazy!!!

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