The horse whisperer

Posted On October 29, 2007

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As I told you guys before while I was doing the last post I was watching the film I will tell you about.First of all I need to say that this filme is beautiful and I cried since the beggining.It’s about a girl who has a horse called Pilgrim.I tell you guys the hole movie because I really loved it.The girl and her best friend go out in one winter’s morning to ride their horses. Then they were riding up an icy slope, and the horse of her best friend falls and took both horses and girls to the road. After that a truck that was riding on the road kills the girl’s best friend and her horse and hurts the girl, se actually was badly hurted because she lost a leg. The most toching part of this scene was that the Pilgrim jumped into the truck to save the girl!He tought it was going to hurt her! In addition to the fact that her leg was amputed, the girl and her horse were traumatized. And Pilgrim was seriously injured. The doctors wanted to sacrifice Pilgrim because they tought it was infair to let him suffer so much. Seeing all of this happening, the girl’s mother tryed to find someone who could cure the horse and cheer up her daughter, so she found a “horse whisperer”, that was known to be very good. She called him but at first he refused to help. Then she gets the horse and the girl and travelled to the city was this guy lived, and it was very far from her home, New York. When she gets there she leaves the horse and the girl at the hotel and starded looking for the guy. When she found him, he refused to help again! And then she says “Let’s go to the hotel we are and you’ll see the horse, if you refused to help again I will leave you alone!”. So the guy agrees and go to the hotel, when he gets there he sees the gilr with her “false leg” and the horse seriouly injured, then he affirmed he was going to help, and added that he would need the girl’s help. After some minutes she agreed to help. Well they said at the guys farm and go through a long way to made the girl able to ride her traumatized house. While this was happening the girl’s mother, who was married, falled in love with the horse whisperer and he falled in love with her. I know it’s not so cool to tell someone the end of a movie…but I’ll do that sorry hahaha.In the end the girl was able to ride her horse and he was able to let the girl do that. I think it’s obvious but I cried the hole movie hahaha. You guys NEED to watch it! If anyone wants I can lend you the DVD. I’ll link here some scenes of the movie. I hope you like it.I forgot to tell you guys the horse is beautiful!!!I loved him!

By Gabi

This trailer is perfect!:

Well this is the accident part…:


One Response to “The horse whisperer”

  1. rcrispino

    nice movie tip
    i will watch it as soon as i have the chance- for your sake!
    did you see it before you started horseback riding?

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