Europe 2006

Posted On October 29, 2007

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In this free post I will talk better about my trip to Europe in 2006!As I have already touched on this was my best trip!I know I said this too for my Porto Seguro trip but both are totally different!The first one was a family trip and the second one was a graduation trip! Two ways to be the best one!

My grandpa was born in Gumarães,Portugal, so the main idea of this trip was to know his  hometown and all our portuguese family!

This trip began with all my brazilian family and I got 3 days in Paris.There we visited all the ordinary turistic points like the Eiffel, Notre Dame Cathedral and the amazing Louvre Museum!!I just loved Paris, everything there is so perfect!At night the Champs-Elysees is breathtaking and all the cafes on the streets are so cute!It is exactly how I imagined this city would be!And I completely agree that Paris is the cité del’amour!

Then we flew to Portugal.Firstly to Guimarães and there we had all the big party family meeting to know each other better and visited my grandpa’s house.Actually at there it was more to see the family so I didn’t visit the city very well.Then we went to Aveiros, the city which has the best ovos moles of Portugal, Fátima to see the famous church,Nazaré, a very cute beach city, and at least we went to Lisboa.I was very surprised with this city because it is very beautiful and modern and I didn’t know this.In the middle  of these cities we went just for one day to Spain to visit Santiago de Compostela.There is an enormous cathedral from 16… and something!It is very old but of all churchs I have visited in Europe this was the one that  I liked most!I don’t know, but there is an energy so strong that I can explain what I felt and it is very beautiful too.

Then we went back to Paris to say goodbye to all my family because my parents, my sister and I  got travelling one week more!We stayed more three days in Paris and I eat a lot of cheese that in the end of this trip I couldn’t even felt the smell of cheese next to me.And finally we passed 5 days in London.There we visited a lot of museums, eat the famous chips and fish, rode in the red bus and saw the marvellous Big Bang.London it is a very interesting  city because mixed the new with the old and this match so well!I also saw the Lion King in the theathre which is fantastic and visited the famous and amazing Harrold’s store.Then we went back to Brazil.But before we have to stayed one more night in Paris because my flight was overbooked.

This was just a summarize of this unforgetable trip because I really don’t have space to write more details but it is for sure the best family trip ever!!!The only bad thing is I came back 5 kilos fater!Which,by the way,I couldn’t lose until nowadays! hahaha

By Carol


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  1. rcrispino

    sounds like you had fun despite the5 kilos excess luggage you brough back home (just teasing..) if it makes you feel any better, those kilos are not making you look fat, relax and remember how much fun it was to put them on…
    about paris, i was there when i was 16 and had a blast except for the time a bunch of skinheads threatened to beat us up near Sacre Coeur Cathedral.

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