An inconvenient person

Posted On October 23, 2007

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I was surfing on some blogs and I found something really interesting! The post title was  reverse graffiti and global warming, and this somehow called my attention.This person who a I don’t have any idea who is wrote about the movie “An Inconvenient truth” (this is why the joke in my title) and  said that she or he couldn’t care less about the environment problems issues.At first I complete disagree.How can a person talks like that??We are living almost an environment catastrophe and this person said that!But then I understand what she or he tries to mean.For her/him art makes think more than movies so the criticism was to the movie. And now I can agree.I guess in the movies the filmmakers can pass an idea totally different for the situation.You never know what is real or ficction!Of course there are  a lot of movies who are really good and full of good intentions but in this kind of midia is so easy to manipulate!Otherwise art can’t do that!They express the artists feelings and they have to be completely sincere.

Another thing that I found really interesting is what reverse graffiti is!I heard many times what graffiti is and I love this art expression but reverse graffiti is totally different.This is  a method of removing dirt from a surface while creating graffiti on walls or other surfaces. You can fin more in the site

and about the movie :

and the reverse graffiti that this blog is talking about is

And at least the blog

 So I think that’s it!

By Carol


One Response to “An inconvenient person”

  1. rcrispino

    i don’t know how someone can think that the envoronmental issues we face are bull, i guess it’s just about rebelling for no good reason!
    but i really liked the reverse grafitti bit!

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