The best trip ever!!!!

Posted On October 22, 2007

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Heyy guys!!!

I’m back!!I still can’t believe but I’m here.I’m so sad because it was the best week of my life!!I’m not kidding!! Can you imagine a week without your parents, in the beach with all your friends and going to disco everyday?? Almost heaven!!!! hahahaa…

The weather was perfect in all the seven  days, a miracle because the week before rained a lot and this week too!!!But what was the best in this trip is because gathered everybody again!! People who you lost the friendship now turned into best friends again!!This was amazing but I know after school it will be difficult to keep in touch…

I suggest Porto Seguro to everybody at least once in life!! It is so good that I can’t describe everything!!!I just can say is the best trip with your friends!!

But everything that is so good ends so fast!! I really want to come back!!

back to school now is so hard… hahahaha.. =/

By Carol


One Response to “The best trip ever!!!!”

  1. rcrispino

    this trip will always remain in your mind when you think of your high school days
    i went to arraial d ajuda this year and just loved it- it is paradise on earth.

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