The beauty and the beast

Posted On October 22, 2007

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I chose the beauty and the beast in Gaby’s thirteen list because this is my favourite Disney movie.

Still now that I’m pretty older to see these movies I can watch and watch again and it seems like it was the first time!Of course Disney movies are classic and for all ages but this one have something magic that I can’t understand!It makes you believe in true love and the power that it can changes our lives!It is what happened in the story that a poor girl with her love tranformed the monster into prince again!I’m not the romantic one but it will be cool if in the real life really exists the happily ever after!!!

The beauty and the beast is a fairy tale wrote by Jacob and Wilhelm, who are the famous brothers Grimm, on the book “Contos para a infância e para o lar” published in 1812.

This story was adapted in 1991 to a movie by Walt Disney Pictures and since then turned into a classical and most watched movie in the whole world!

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One Response to “The beauty and the beast”

  1. rcrispino

    memories come flashig back…god i was so little when i first saw this film. i always remember the scene they eat spaghetti together ( and that is pretty much it )- must see it again- one more in my to-see list!

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