Cute Cat

Posted On October 21, 2007

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Well, I was surfing the net and found some interestings blogs that belong to some people I don’t know.I spent a lot of time trying to search a blog that was talking about something I know or at least that I found interesting. I love animals like horses, cats, dogs, birds, fishes, all kinds of “cute”animals hahaha. I wish I could have found a post about horses because I really love them and right now I’m watching a film that’s called “The horse whisperer”. It’s very beautiful and I’ve been crying since the begging of the movie! Well, getting back to the point, I didn’t find anything about horses or dogs that are another kind of animal that I simply love because I have 3. I just found this cute picture of a cat that is looking like a mouse.It’s funny because cats and mouses are supposed to be enemys and in the picture the cat “is” the mouse. I don’t know how to explain this well but I really liked the picture and I hope you like too.This is the site that I found the picture:

By Gabi


One Response to “Cute Cat”

  1. cheesecake2

    oh my gooood, this is the cutest thing in the world !
    that reminds me i’ve got to do this week’s assignment [is that how it’s spelled ?] !
    kisses guys 😉

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