Posted On October 15, 2007

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 Well I chose to write about a place that I love which is Miami. I took this idea from Pedro’s list about thirteen things he wants to do on his next vacation.

He said he would like to take a sun bath on Miami’s beach. I’m not going to talk only about taking a sun bath but also about the city Miami.

I mean the beach is just amazing but it’s not the only wonderful thing that the city has. I went to Miami at least 3 times. I think everybody has an “image” of Miami because of some movies. At the moment I can only remember of one movie which is “Snow dogs”.

The beach of Miami city is very beautiful and clean and the sea,oh it’s perfect for a diving and the beach is also good to take a sun bath.

Miami also has a lot of good malls!And the airport is as beautiful as the city! I love Miami and I want to go there for the rest of my life.

I hope you all go to Miami one day and enjoy the city!

Here is a site that talks about Miami:

By Gabi


2 Responses to “Miami*”

  1. rcrispino

    I used to live on South Beach and have a siter and niece living there. Can you post a link to a site that is related to Miami?

  2. birolga

    Heyy Gabyy! Can you believe I will pass my New Year in Miami??
    How coincidence!!! I hope it will be all this good stuff you said!

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