Thirteen things about me…

Posted On September 24, 2007

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I think this is the best way to introduce myself!

1.I hate the fact I’m 17!Just one year to complete 18!One year to begins my adult life and all the problems and responsabilities.It’s a little silly but sometimes I wish I were Peter pan and goes to Neverland!!!Be a child forever!Can you imagine how nice it would be?

2.I’m a dance lover!I can dance all night long and don’t feel tired! I did nine years of jazz, but to be completely honest I hadn’t learned anything, so I have the philosophy: dance like no one’s watching!!!!

3.I love to sing too!But unfortunately nobody loves to listen me when I’m singing.I really don’t know why!

4.I love to travel! Actually my dream is to visit as many as possible all the places in the world!

5.My favourite sweet is ice cream.All the flavours in all the sizes! Do you want to make me happy? Just give me an ice cream! (can be a chocolate also!I’m not too demanding!)

6.I’m a frog maniac.I don’t know why because a real frog is so ugly and disgusting!!!There are a lot all over my bedroom!I have everything you can imagine with frogs!Pens, pencilcase, carpet, pillow and cups!! It can be a little annoying  because there are more frogs than space in my frogville!

7.I’m reading “A thousand Splendid Suns” now but my favourite book is “As Brumas de Avalon”.I’m used to read a lot of books since I was seven and now I’m kind of addicted to books!

8. My best trip was to europe in 2006.I visited many places as Paris and London but what I liked most in the trip was a party that my mother’s father made in Guimarães ( his hometown) to gather all the family.So I had the opportunity to knew all my aunts, cousins, uncles that I haven’t known even the existence!It was very interesting! The same family but countries, idioms and lives totally differents!I‘m pretty sure this was the most unforgetable travel!!

9.If you ask me who I want to be when I grow up I would answer my grandma.She’s the best!I can’t describe her in a few words but I can say she was and still is an amazing woman!She is the kind of the person who everybody loves and admires.Everyday she is sorrounded by friends and family, always full of life!She can look on the bright side of the things and even she isn’t so good she put a smile on the face and say  she has the best family that everyone could ever had!!

10.I love spend hours watching movies!I don’t have a specific kind of movie but I think it have to be a good story, an interisting one too.Movies can be the best way to learn something when they pass a message  or to show some critical situation like the Africa.Good tip: watch Blood Diamond, Tropa de Elite and “Premonições”.

11.I love my friends!Actually I love people!I think you have so much to learn with them!They have anothers stories, cultures, experiences totally differents of yours!The worst thing in the world is to feel lonely.I really want to have a lot of friends til I die!

12.I love shopping!well, what women don’t like right?But this really makes me happy!I get excited just for buying a pen!And I love the fashion world!I love to read the fashion magazines or to watch fashion shows!When I was a child my dream was to be a supermodel!But I hadn’t the structure neither the body to be one so I gave up.

13.Well I wrote 12 things about me but i’m pretty sure that you don’t know me very well.Neither I do!!! But I know I have the whole life to figure out =p…

By Carol


2 Responses to “Thirteen things about me…”

  1. rafael

    although im not 17 wet I can understand how you feel about being 17…but think of it in a positive the fact that you’ll be driving next year….and I love ice cream too well..not all flavours but most of them.

  2. rcrispino

    I loved the fact that you chose to write about yourself, it really helped me get to know more. Have fun in PORTO,and please come back!!!

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