Thirteen movies I love…

Posted On September 20, 2007

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1. Beauty and the beast because it makes me remember of good times, like traveling to Disney and it theaches a good leason saying that you need to look inside the person and not to judge the person because of how he/she looks like.

2.The princess diaries because it’s very funny and beautiful and makes you realize that you can’t be afraid of doing something! In fact the princess father says something about this : “Courage is not the absense of feart but rather the judment that somenthing else is more important!”

3.Freaky Friday because it’s very funny. The story is like that: there is a girl who doesn’t get along very well with her mom. One day they go to a restaurant to have dinner and the chinese mom of the woman that owns the restaurant see they having a fight and then she offers them a lucky cookie and the cookie makes their soul chance bodys. So the girl learns a lot about her mother’s life and her mother learns about her daughter’s life.

4.The Terminal because it’s very funny and makes me wonder about life. I think the best part is when the man tells the girl that the only reason because he is New York is because of a promise he made for his father when he was alive. I have watched this film lots of times and I still cry in this part.

5.The prince and me because my mom simply loves it and I think it’s very cute. It’s about what every girl dream of : meeting a prince who falls in love with you and say that he prefers to give up the prince life just to live by your side forever.

6.A Cinderella Story because it’s beautiful and shows that even when thing are very very bad they can become better. This film also has a frase :”Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game!” that helps the main actress to get over the bad things that started happening in her life.

7.My big fat greek wedding because it’s very funny and makes me remember of my family. The only diference is that we aren’t so joined, but when we get together we laugh all the time. And it makes me remember about my trip to Greece. The most funny thing is that the bride’s father thinks that everything can be cured with windex.

8.Christmas with the Kranks because it makes me laugh a lot. It’s about a couple that want to skip christmas because their daughter isn’t going to spend christmas with them. But to do this they have to avoid their neighbors and friends.

9.Boat trip because it’s very very funny. My family and I love it. It’s about two guys that wanted to go to a cruise to date some girls but then they go to a gay cruise instead. Can you imagine this? Well I can’t tell you how it ends but watch it, you’ll laugh since the beginning into the end.

10.You’ve got mail because it’s beautiful and romantic. It’s about a couple that met online but actually they have already met in real life but they doesn’t know it in the beginning and the man has a beautiful and cute dog.

11.The Lion King 2 because it’s very romantic. It’s about two teenagers that are from enemy familys and fall in love. They have a lot of trouble when they start seeing each other but as they are together they get over all the difficult situations.

12.Tarzan because I love the sound track. All the musics are very beautiful and I think most of them are by Phil Collins and I love him. I also love the story.But sometimes I cry. I mean it’s not easy to lose your parents.

13. Step up because my friend loves it. Everytime my friend invites me to her house she makes me watch this film. I think the story is sad but the dance scenes are perfect and the sound track too.

By Gabi


6 Responses to “Thirteen movies I love…”

  1. Nic

    Gabi, I loved your movies!!!
    They’re really nice, and most of them I really identify with.
    Keep on going, your doing a great job here =DDD

  2. Jessica

    Niiiceeee!! I like many movies that are on the list too. Freaky Friday is just great ^-^ I always watch to it when it’s on tv… A Cinderella Story is soooo cuuute!!!

  3. rafael

    Hey..nice movies…I like some of them too like step up, the terminal, boat trip…hey..I think the guy who does boat trip is the same who does “my name is radio”..this last movie is quite old..but it’s story is very nice..when you have a chance, i suggest you to watch it…and responding to your comment….i like piano too..and actually i’ve learned piano but i quit it because it wasn’t what i excpected..i only enjoy listening to it..not to play..but i hope you enjoy it!

  4. rcrispino

    Run to BLOCKBUSTER…I haven’t seen most of the movies you wrote about, so I can’t comment on them. However, I must say I really like what you wrote about each one,and the pictures too, of course!

  5. Giulia

    Hi Gabii!!!
    how are you?
    I just want to say that I love all of this movies!
    and your blog looks amazing

  6. cheesecake2

    oooh, i love most of the movies in that list ! disney pictures are the best, i think it’s so great that people our age still watch this movies, ’cause they really take us back to our childhood… the terminal is also a great movie, tom hanks is, in my opinion, one of the best actors in the world !
    great blog, girls, really cute !

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