I’m sorry…

Posted On September 20, 2007

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Hey guys! Firstly, I want to sorry for all this time that I didn’t post!!! But I have excuses, great ones actually!! haha

First the mechanics problems!

My pc is doing a strange noise and I’m really afraid to turn it on! And my sisters’s pc is so slow that I always give up in the middle.

Therefore, I’m in the third grade and I’m doing all the things that I haven’t done since I arrived in my school!! Yeah, it sounds a little dramatic isn’t it? But it’s true! I don’t now what happens in the  thirds grades  but suddendly everybody got crazy! It’s only study, study, study, USP, USP, vestibular, vestibular, USP and study!! I haven’t taken any vestibular yet but I’m pretty sure that I hate it!!!Actually I don’t even know what career to choose! But this is another story for another post….

By Carol


One Response to “I’m sorry…”

  1. Pedro Dotto

    Carol I understand what you are saying.I have been unable to write on my blog or even do my english class homeworks.I have been through a living hell in the begining of the semester with all that remedial,extra curricular activities,broken computer and all that stuff.
    But now I am back,and I can post all weekly everything that I hadn´t post.
    Congratulaions Carol for your blog and have a nice and fasntastic trip to Porto Seguro next week.

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