My Best trip…

Posted On September 9, 2007

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I think all of my trips were great and unforgetable! But this year was the first time I traveled with my family. My aunt, two cousins, my grandma, my brother and my parents went with me. It was just perfect, first we went to Venice(Italy), where we got a ship called “Costa Mediterranea”. The ship made us able to visit Bari(Italy), Katakolon (Greece), Santorin (Greece), Mikonos (Greece), Rhodes(Greece), Dubrovnik(Croatia) and went back to Venece.

  In the ship my cousins and I met three boys: one austrian called Lukas, one portuguese called Gonçalo and one brasilian called Gabriel. We were always speaking portuguese because Lukas moved to Brazil three years ago. As Gabriel was always on the cell phone, in the internet or sleeping, my cousin Deborah and I spent the day with Gonçalo and Lukas.

  During the day first we visited the Islands than we got back to the ship and did a lot of things like play basket, play cards and at night after the dinner we kept talking and watching some people dancing. We always said “Tomorrow we are going to dance!” but we never did.

  This trip was perfect! Lukas and Gonçalo became my best friends since it, and Deborah´s too. Well to see Lukas it’s kind of easy because he lives in Brazil but Gonçalo it’s dificult.We talk almost every day and we still have hope to see each other again.

  I forgot to say something about my brother Arthur and my cousing Gisele. They stayed the in the sun almost the hole time and at night they stayed with the rest of us.

by Gabi


One Response to “My Best trip…”

  1. rcrispino

    Quite an adventure..I am postive you had a blast. Hope you repeat the fun in your next trip! Also, talk as much as you can to as many people you run into in ENGLISH- and I mean, LOUD!

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