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Posted On November 28, 2007

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I will be completely honest!At first I wasn’t so cheerful about the blog idea!Even when was a mania to have a blog I didn’t have one.I think write about your life in the net it’s superficial and write every day what you did really sucks.Besides I was enthusiastic about the theatre project!It would be so funny!

But when I start to write in the blog I see that isn’t so bad!Actually it was a good idea!At first because you don’t have to write boring compositions to improve your writting and then because you learn a lot!You have to reach a lot of words that you don’t know how to write in English or even how to write those and this increases your English!

I really love this idea!It is a funny way to learn English and you can match your real life with what you are learning in the classes!And of course you know better your classmates and the teacher can help you more often!

I really suggest this project for others years!It was a really good experience and it should have in other future semesters at Alumni!

Thanks guys for all!I will really miss you!And Gabi we must meet each other in Disney!Let’s arrange this ok?

Good holidays for everybody!Happy Christmans and Happy New Year!!!



(p.s: the last post is mine too!!! because I tried to put my name but isn’t work)


Last post

Posted On November 28, 2007

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Oh how sad! This is the last post guyyys!!!!

But before I write what I thought about the blog project I want to write something about my year!

The year is ending so the third grade too..At first in the beggining I swore to myself the only thing I wanted most was the end!I didn’t want to see anybody anymore because I was so sick of the same people, the same routine and the classes didn’t help too, they were so boring and exaustive that I hated to go to school every morning…After all, I have been studying at Arqui since I was four in the Jardim I, so one time you really fed up with the school and the people that you see every day,every year!

But in the middle of the year you get more apprehensive because you know this is the last everything!But you don’t get yet that you won’t see most of people and neither how you will miss the school so much and the old routine.

So I got here…my classes finished, Porto has gone, Fuvest has gone…And I’m only waiting my graduation and my prom…This is really sad and all the desire of something new disappeared!I don’t need to go to university….I just want to be with the same old people,in the same old school, with the same boring classes!!!

But I know I have to go through all this stuff…And I will survive!So I hoped!But I’m terrified!I don’t know what life is without Arqui because in my whole life I just knew what is live there..And this scares me a lot!

At least I just know one thing! I will miss a lot!The school, my friends, the teachers, the classes and even the people who I don’t like!!!

Every single day there worthed and I will remember with affection!

It was the best time in my life and I will carry things that I learned there for all my life!

Reflections about the blog project…

Posted On November 16, 2007

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I think this project was very great and I loved Cory’s idea to link internet and alumni stuff. I learned so many things I didn’t know before because of some of my posts and my friends’ post. I started to know Carol, Nicole, Pedro, Jessica and Camila better because of their posts. And I was able to write better with the free posts and without any pressure that for me was fantastic! I think this blog thing should continue because it’s a cool way to train our writting every  week because every week we needed to post something, sometimes it was related to the subject we were learning and other times the posts were related to trips, dreams and other stuff that made our “imagination free to fly”.At least I’d like to congratulate all the classes and teachers that were part of this experience!Great work guys!!

By Gabi

Feng Shui success story

Posted On November 13, 2007

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I was reading some interesting sites about feng shui but most of them only say what it is or how you can use it in your life.But I can’t write what feng shui is and Gabi have already written how you can use it so I didn’t know what to write.Fortunately, I found an american site which has a lot of articles about feng shui and I decided to talk about a succesful story about a couple  who used it in their lives.

Feng Shui is an alternative method so I think most of people still view the practice skeptically .So you need to see real stories which comprove those methods to believe.

Margit used to read a book about Feng Shui and she even tried to use the methods introduced by the book but then one day her husband,Peter, found a website and enrolled for her to attend to one Niagra Falls Feng Shui seminar in November 1998.Then she went to another one in 1’999.

Since then Margit family started to use Feng Shui in Lake Obabika Lodge, a family business which provides chalets for vacationists.Firstly, according to the Feng Shui tips the front door has double 7 supported by the lake and distant the mountains, the office is in the NE with 5-9 and the entrance office is in  the East with 9-5.Finally, they opened a door  to the office within the double 7 section to tap in the good energy form the facing palace.

After these changes, Peter said at the moment the new entrance was in use the telephone number never stopped and the entire summer was fully booked.

Despite the work, they use Feng Shui in their house too.Their young daughter who sleep-walks after they aplied this alternative method cures in her bedroom she stopped sleep-walking and Peter who has sleeping problems after the changes sleeps very well.

Of course they are not billionare, but Feng Shui really changed their lives for better.

So….Are you convinced now by the Feng Shui??

I’ll take this chance, and change all my bedroom =)

For more information:

By Carol

Feng Shui

Posted On November 12, 2007

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As we all know a little bit about feng shui I’ll just talk about how it can be done in our home!I don’t know if you’re gonna like it but my mom simply loved it. Well at first you can’t leave shoes or slippers lying around outside the main door of your house for the chee to flow without the smell of those shoes and slippers into the house that might couse sickness. You can’t have televioson sets in your bedrooms. Oh my God!Everybody has one, including me! Well the site says that we need to cover it with a plastic table cloth. I think I won’t let my mom read this part. hahaha. There sould be no mirrors opposite the bed or at the side of the bed. We all know that it can scary our spirit and us but I didn’t know it can affect our relationships. About fish the site says that if it’s placed correctly it can bring fortune but if it’s placed wrongly…it can bring problems, troubles and work pressure. I think my aquarium might be placed a wrongly hahaha. In the kitchen you can’t have the stove in the opposite side of the refrigerator, washing machine, toilet, everything related to water. Because the fire and water crash can cause disagreements between family members. If you have children in the house you can’t let them sleep on mattresses on the floor because they might get sick frequently. My mom used to say that…The reason of this is chee can’t circulate underneath the bad. Your bed should always have a solid wall behind it because it’s important for you to have a good rest. The solid wall means you can go into deeper sleep and therefore you will be well rested for the other day and it helps you to be able to concentrate on your work better. Well that’s interesting I have a solid wall behind my bed and really didn’t know why.Well the site I saw said more about feng shui at home but because I’m in a week when I have a lot of quizes I’ll you give you site for you to be able to learn more about feng shui.I hope you guys like it! Really I loved it and I think I´ll replace my aquarium hahaha.I wish I could write more about it but I really need to study…

By Gabi

Europe 2006

Posted On October 29, 2007

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In this free post I will talk better about my trip to Europe in 2006!As I have already touched on this was my best trip!I know I said this too for my Porto Seguro trip but both are totally different!The first one was a family trip and the second one was a graduation trip! Two ways to be the best one!

My grandpa was born in Gumarães,Portugal, so the main idea of this trip was to know his  hometown and all our portuguese family!

This trip began with all my brazilian family and I got 3 days in Paris.There we visited all the ordinary turistic points like the Eiffel, Notre Dame Cathedral and the amazing Louvre Museum!!I just loved Paris, everything there is so perfect!At night the Champs-Elysees is breathtaking and all the cafes on the streets are so cute!It is exactly how I imagined this city would be!And I completely agree that Paris is the cité del’amour!

Then we flew to Portugal.Firstly to Guimarães and there we had all the big party family meeting to know each other better and visited my grandpa’s house.Actually at there it was more to see the family so I didn’t visit the city very well.Then we went to Aveiros, the city which has the best ovos moles of Portugal, Fátima to see the famous church,Nazaré, a very cute beach city, and at least we went to Lisboa.I was very surprised with this city because it is very beautiful and modern and I didn’t know this.In the middle  of these cities we went just for one day to Spain to visit Santiago de Compostela.There is an enormous cathedral from 16… and something!It is very old but of all churchs I have visited in Europe this was the one that  I liked most!I don’t know, but there is an energy so strong that I can explain what I felt and it is very beautiful too.

Then we went back to Paris to say goodbye to all my family because my parents, my sister and I  got travelling one week more!We stayed more three days in Paris and I eat a lot of cheese that in the end of this trip I couldn’t even felt the smell of cheese next to me.And finally we passed 5 days in London.There we visited a lot of museums, eat the famous chips and fish, rode in the red bus and saw the marvellous Big Bang.London it is a very interesting  city because mixed the new with the old and this match so well!I also saw the Lion King in the theathre which is fantastic and visited the famous and amazing Harrold’s store.Then we went back to Brazil.But before we have to stayed one more night in Paris because my flight was overbooked.

This was just a summarize of this unforgetable trip because I really don’t have space to write more details but it is for sure the best family trip ever!!!The only bad thing is I came back 5 kilos fater!Which,by the way,I couldn’t lose until nowadays! hahaha

By Carol

The horse whisperer

Posted On October 29, 2007

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As I told you guys before while I was doing the last post I was watching the film I will tell you about.First of all I need to say that this filme is beautiful and I cried since the beggining.It’s about a girl who has a horse called Pilgrim.I tell you guys the hole movie because I really loved it.The girl and her best friend go out in one winter’s morning to ride their horses. Then they were riding up an icy slope, and the horse of her best friend falls and took both horses and girls to the road. After that a truck that was riding on the road kills the girl’s best friend and her horse and hurts the girl, se actually was badly hurted because she lost a leg. The most toching part of this scene was that the Pilgrim jumped into the truck to save the girl!He tought it was going to hurt her! In addition to the fact that her leg was amputed, the girl and her horse were traumatized. And Pilgrim was seriously injured. The doctors wanted to sacrifice Pilgrim because they tought it was infair to let him suffer so much. Seeing all of this happening, the girl’s mother tryed to find someone who could cure the horse and cheer up her daughter, so she found a “horse whisperer”, that was known to be very good. She called him but at first he refused to help. Then she gets the horse and the girl and travelled to the city was this guy lived, and it was very far from her home, New York. When she gets there she leaves the horse and the girl at the hotel and starded looking for the guy. When she found him, he refused to help again! And then she says “Let’s go to the hotel we are and you’ll see the horse, if you refused to help again I will leave you alone!”. So the guy agrees and go to the hotel, when he gets there he sees the gilr with her “false leg” and the horse seriouly injured, then he affirmed he was going to help, and added that he would need the girl’s help. After some minutes she agreed to help. Well they said at the guys farm and go through a long way to made the girl able to ride her traumatized house. While this was happening the girl’s mother, who was married, falled in love with the horse whisperer and he falled in love with her. I know it’s not so cool to tell someone the end of a movie…but I’ll do that sorry hahaha.In the end the girl was able to ride her horse and he was able to let the girl do that. I think it’s obvious but I cried the hole movie hahaha. You guys NEED to watch it! If anyone wants I can lend you the DVD. I’ll link here some scenes of the movie. I hope you like it.I forgot to tell you guys the horse is beautiful!!!I loved him!

By Gabi

This trailer is perfect!:

Well this is the accident part…:

An inconvenient person

Posted On October 23, 2007

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I was surfing on some blogs and I found something really interesting! The post title was  reverse graffiti and global warming, and this somehow called my attention.This person who a I don’t have any idea who is wrote about the movie “An Inconvenient truth” (this is why the joke in my title) and  said that she or he couldn’t care less about the environment problems issues.At first I complete disagree.How can a person talks like that??We are living almost an environment catastrophe and this person said that!But then I understand what she or he tries to mean.For her/him art makes think more than movies so the criticism was to the movie. And now I can agree.I guess in the movies the filmmakers can pass an idea totally different for the situation.You never know what is real or ficction!Of course there are  a lot of movies who are really good and full of good intentions but in this kind of midia is so easy to manipulate!Otherwise art can’t do that!They express the artists feelings and they have to be completely sincere.

Another thing that I found really interesting is what reverse graffiti is!I heard many times what graffiti is and I love this art expression but reverse graffiti is totally different.This is  a method of removing dirt from a surface while creating graffiti on walls or other surfaces. You can fin more in the site

and about the movie :

and the reverse graffiti that this blog is talking about is

And at least the blog

 So I think that’s it!

By Carol

The beauty and the beast

Posted On October 22, 2007

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I chose the beauty and the beast in Gaby’s thirteen list because this is my favourite Disney movie.

Still now that I’m pretty older to see these movies I can watch and watch again and it seems like it was the first time!Of course Disney movies are classic and for all ages but this one have something magic that I can’t understand!It makes you believe in true love and the power that it can changes our lives!It is what happened in the story that a poor girl with her love tranformed the monster into prince again!I’m not the romantic one but it will be cool if in the real life really exists the happily ever after!!!

The beauty and the beast is a fairy tale wrote by Jacob and Wilhelm, who are the famous brothers Grimm, on the book “Contos para a infância e para o lar” published in 1812.

This story was adapted in 1991 to a movie by Walt Disney Pictures and since then turned into a classical and most watched movie in the whole world!

You can find more in the site:

The best trip ever!!!!

Posted On October 22, 2007

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Heyy guys!!!

I’m back!!I still can’t believe but I’m here.I’m so sad because it was the best week of my life!!I’m not kidding!! Can you imagine a week without your parents, in the beach with all your friends and going to disco everyday?? Almost heaven!!!! hahahaa…

The weather was perfect in all the seven  days, a miracle because the week before rained a lot and this week too!!!But what was the best in this trip is because gathered everybody again!! People who you lost the friendship now turned into best friends again!!This was amazing but I know after school it will be difficult to keep in touch…

I suggest Porto Seguro to everybody at least once in life!! It is so good that I can’t describe everything!!!I just can say is the best trip with your friends!!

But everything that is so good ends so fast!! I really want to come back!!

back to school now is so hard… hahahaha.. =/

By Carol

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